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 From C/C++ to JavaTM

From C/C++ to Java is a tutorial in French to learn the Java programming language and its library.
The english version of From C/C++ to Java provides only this introduction and its table of contents.

From C/C++ to Java describes the version 2 of Java. Similarities and differences between Java and the C and C++ programming languages are detailed, and concrete solutions are given for C/C++ concepts which are treated differently in Java (pointers, error treatment,...). Each class of the Java library 1.0 is described : basic classes, tools classes, streams classes, net access classes and Graphic User Interface AWT classes.
Finally, the tutorial ends with a course about Java 3D.

From C/C++ to Java applies first to programmers, who knows C or C++, but also to people who are used to structured or object oriented languages (like PASCAL, SmallTalk, Visual Basic,...). The remarks about C/C++ and the traps to be avoided in Java are pointed out, to be found easily and allow a faster reading.

You can use this site as a course to learn programming Java applets and standalone applications, and as a quick reference manual of Java core and library. Many simple and original examples guide you from the classical HelloWorld to programming of more sophisticated applets, that you can test "live" in the site.

This course is divided into 26 chapters and its average size is 3 Mo (HTML files, images and applets).
To avoid any misunderstanding, all Java examples are compilation error free.


Table of contents

The Java language
The Java 1.0 library
Java extensions
Java applets

The Java language

Starting with Java

Basic concepts

Classes creation and use

Objects, tables and strings

Instructions and operators



Inner classes

Additions to Java syntax in Java 5.0

Naming conventions and porting

The Java 1.0 library

The Java 1.0 library

Basic classes

Java tools

Files and streams management

Network access

Standalone applications and applets

User interface components

Containers and components layout

User interface management


Further with Java...

Java extensions

Java 3D

3D objects

Appearance attributes

3D ligthting

3D animation

Java applets

Main Java applets of this tutorial

Java 3D applets/applications

Other applets available on this site

JavaParse Jeks display
JavaMine Java Mine


From C/C++ to Java history


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